Patron Saints

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Make learning about the patron saints into a game


Patron Saint Information Grid
Blue tac


Download the information grid
Print one copy per six and two spares. Cut the grids for the sixes into sections, so that each six has a complete set
Stick the two complete grids on the walls and ask the cubs to memorise as much as they can - give a time limit then take them down
Line the cubs up in their sixes as for relay races
Scatter the sections of information round at the other end of the hall

Ask questions e.g. Where was St George born? Find me the symbol and the flag for St Patrick
One cub from each six has to run to the other end of the hall and collect the correct grid section. If they bring back the wrong piece they give it to the next cub in line who takes it back and selects a different answer.
The first six to collect the correct answer gains a point.


  • Memory
  • team game

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