What is Running Away?

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Girls in Action: Making the Invisible Visible. What is Running Away Discussion


Question sheet, pens & pencils


Activity Description:
Ask one of the Leaders, Young Leaders or a Rainbow/Brownie Helper to read out the appropriate story for your unit.

Mischa’s story (Rainbows/Brownies)
“My name is Mischa, I’m 10 years old. I ran away from home last week because my
big brother is always picking on me and having rows with me. My Mum and Dad always say he’s right and it’s my fault. I went to the swings in the park and stayed there for ages and then I ran to my Nan’s and told her I wasn’t going home. She let me stay with her and rang Mum and Dad to let them know where I was, even though I said they wouldn’t be bothered. Nan took me home the next day.”

Ella’s story (Brownies/Guides/Senior Section)
“My name is Ella, I’m 14. I ran away from home last week because I was sick
of always arguing with my mum. It’s the first time I’ve ever done it. Things have changed since her new boyfriend moved in and we haven’t got along. We have really bad arguments and after a really bad one I left the house. I didn’t know where to go and I ended up staying with a friend for a couple of nights until her mum asked me to leave and I had to go back home.”

Break into small groups and give one or two of the questions to each group. Ask them to discuss and answer the questions and then share their answers with the group.

Mischa’s story. Possible questions for Rainbows/Brownies
Why has Mischa run away from home?
How do you think Mischa was feeling before she ran away? Where did Mischa go? Where could Mischa have ended up?
(Encourage girls to think of a range of places e.g. friend’s house, on the streets, with a stranger, somewhere unsafe, shops etc.)
What could have happened to Mischa while she was away from home?
Who might be worried about Mischa? (Family, friends, teachers, school mates, neighbours etc.)
Who might be looking for Mischa? (The police as well as family)
Was Mischa’s decision to run away a safe choice?
Is running away from home safe?

Ella’s story. Possible questions for Brownies/Guides/Senior Section
What’s the reason that Ella has run away from home?
How do you think Ella was feeling before she ran away? Who could Ella have talked to about what was happening at home? Where did Ella go? If Ella hadn’t gone to a friend’s house where else could she have ended up?
Who might be worried about Ella? Who might be looking for Ella? Was Ella’s decision a safe choice?
Is running away from home safe?

Additional questions for older girls
What could Ella have done instead of running away?
What might have happened to Ella if she didn’t have a friend to stay with when she ran away?
What do you think Ella and her Mum argue about?
What things can Ella and her Mum do differently to stop Ella running away again?


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