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Girls think about what items they would lost without, if they had to leave home.
Discussion and memory game.


Pens and paper


When people have to flee from home they have to leave most of their possessions behind.

This game works best if all of the girls in the unit are sitting together in a large circle.

Ask the girls to think of three things they would take if they were forced to flee and write them down.
Go around the circle and ask if there are any volunteers willing to share their three items with the group.

Then explain that some refugees and asylum seekers have to make this choice, and can only take a certain number of things when they leave home because they are in a rush or cannot carry very much with them on their journey.

Now ask the girls to think of one thing they would be lost without. Explain that this can be an item from their list, and that this does not need to be a material item. For example it might be an emotion such as hope.

Choose one member of the unit to start a memory game (youngest member?), she should say:

“If I had to leave home, I would be lost without .....” – at the end of the sentence she should add the item she would be lost without.

The game should continue clockwise with each girl adding a new item to the list. The game continues until everyone has added to the list. By the end, each girl will be repeating a long list of items that each girl would miss.

(If a girl can't remember, maybe some of the other girls could give her clues).


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