Who Runs Away Mirror Craft

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Girls in Action: Making the Invisible Visable - Who runs away? Craft about who might run away from home.


A4 Card, Aluminium foil, Scissors, Glue, Pens, Felt tips, Pencils, String, Stickers, Coloured paper for decorating, Sellotape


Read out this information to the girls:
“A large number of children run away at young ages. One in every three young people who run away do so before they are 13. Young people are most likely to run away between the ages of 13 and 15, and girls run away more often than boys.
100,000 young people under the age of 16 run away from home or care every year in the UK.
That’s young people who come from all kinds of backgrounds, wealthy and not wealthy; from all types of families, cultures, ethnicity, and areas of the country. Girls just like you, who have the same interests, hopes and ambitions.”

Using the instructions below, ask the girls to make a homemade mirror with their name on and their likes/interests/hobbies on it.
When they have completed their own mirrors, discuss what the girls think a young person running away might have on their mirror. Make sure they understand that young people who run away are just like them, and emphasise how risky it is to run away.

*As an extension activity for older girls, discuss these reflective questions:
• What would you say to a friend who was thinking of running away?
• What feelings might a young person who is thinking of running away have?
• What would be a safer choice than running away?
• What does a young person who is running away look like?

How to make the mirror:
1. Cut out a piece of aluminium foil so that it is small enough to leave a border on the A4 card.
2. Stick the foil to the card.
3. Use pens, stickers and craft materials to decorate the outer border. Girls should make their
mirrors personal with their names, hobbies and likes written or drawn on.
4. Cut a short piece of string and stick it to the back of the frame with tape to make a hanging loop.


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