Where do young people go to?

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Girls in Action: Making the Invisible Visible. Look at places young people go to when they run away


Rope, space to run


Make one area of the room a “safe space” and one area an “unsafe space”, or create a line of risk with one end being ”safe” and the other end “unsafe”. Ask the
girls to move around the room or stand on the line to rate the locations as safe or unsafe. Follow up with the reasons why they have chosen safe or unsafe.

Locations you could use include -
Town centre
Local shops
Relative’s house
Friend’s house
Stranger’s house
Somewhere they have never been to before
Somewhere where there are lots of people
Somewhere quiet
A different city
Car park
Train/bus station

Following up Questions
Do you think it’s ever necessary to run away?
Discuss the types of places where young people go.
What are the risks of running to these places?
What are the alternatives to running away?
Where can young people who are thinking of running away get help?


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