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Try these ten simple challenges for Rainbows


Chalk, Measuring Tape, Tennis Balls, A bucket, A Stopwatch


1. Ask the Rainbows to pat their head with one hand, then make circles on their tummy with the other hand. Can they do them both at the same time?
2. Draw a chalk line and ask the girls to stand behind it, feet together. How far can they jump forward? MArk where each firl lands, or measure the distance. Can they jump any further?
3. Get the Rainbows to do some star jumps. Starting with their arms by their sides and feet together they should jump and land with their feet wide apart and hands over their head. How many can they do in 30 Seconds.
4. Can the Rainbows touch their toes with bent knees and feet together? Can they touch the floor in front of their toes?
5. Can they run 100 meters in less than 30 seconds?
6. Ask them to hop five times on one foot and then on the other. Can they do it without falling over?
7.Get them to jump as high as they can.
8. Place a bucket on the ground and have them throw tennis balls into it. How far away can they do this from?
9. Show the Rainbows how to to a forward roll. Can they do three in a row?
10. Can they walk a tightrope? - find a straight line on the floor.



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