Radio night

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Make a radio show, Take part in World Thinking Day on the Air, or another special amateur radio event. Write or dictate a reading, poem or prayer then read it aloud. Make a poster, audio-tape or video-tape advert for Brownies. Learn the finger-spelling alphabet or other recognised non-verbal communication and be able to: – ‘say’ your name – ask someone their name and understand the reply.
1 six find info about how guiding started,
Each girl finds some info about how guiding started and works with six to make a piece for radio. When did Guiding started? When did Brownies start? What were Brownies called at the start? Name some of the Brownies around the World. Describe the uniform of our country and other countries. Name all the sections of Guiding.

1 six make advert about brownies,
What do Brownies do? Where have Brownies been? What games do we play? What have you made at Brownies? Talk about badges you have gained and would like to gain.

1 six make prayers about Guiding,
Who would you thank? What are your thoughts on Brownies? Who are the important people in Guiding? Rainbows, Brownies and guides are all important.

1 six make a speech about Thinking day
What Is thinking day? Who's birthday is on Thinking day? Have you celebrated thinking day? Tell us about your celebrations. What is your Brownie Promise? Tell us about the salute.

All sing Brownie songs.


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