Pyjama Party

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Throw a pyjama Party


Each Rainbow to bring her pyjamas, Favourite stuffed toy, Pillow and a sleeping bag or small blanket
Hot chocolate drink, biscuits and other goodies.


Remind the rainbows at the meeting before your planned event of what they need to bring. On the evening have the girls change into their pyjamas then gather around with their soft toys and blankets or sleeping bags. Kick off the party with some hot chocolate drinks and biscuits. You can also -
- Read Bedtime stories and nursery rhymes
- Ask the Rainbows to introduce and talk about their soft toys
Stage a soft toy puppet show
Hold a mini pyjama fashion show or competition with categories like most pink, most yellow, most colours, most stripey, most buttens, and so on.
Play rocks guessing game Two rainbows leave the main room while the rest of the girls hide under their sleeping bags and blankets. The two it rainbows then come back and have to guess who is under each rock without lifting the blanket or sleeping bag. They can try tickling the rock into giving herself away by making a sound.
Hold sack races with the sleeping bags.


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