Bee waggle dance game

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A game designed to illustrate how bees communicate where nectar can be found. A good game to improve teamwork and communication between the girls.


Coloured paper such as crepe paper
Egg box per team
One blindfold per team
Set of 'waggle' dance instructions for bee 1 and 2 (see below)


The aim of the game is for the girls (bees) to guide their fellow bees to the flowers and to collect as many as they can in the time allocated.

Coloured flowers (made from crepe paper or similar, ideally a different colour per team) are put out on the floor. Bee 1 faces bee 2 and can see the flowers set out in front of her on the floor. Bee 3 is blindfolded and facing the flowers (same direction as bee 1). Using 'waggle' signs (see below), bee 1 directs bee 3 to the flowers. Bee 2 can't see where bee 3 is going but her job is to interpret the 'waggle' signs and shout the directions out for bee 3 to follow.

At the end of the flowers there are egg boxes (beehives) for the bees to deposit their pollen.

'Waggle' instructions can be anything, but for instance:

Pat head for number of steps in certain direction
Point arm out to indicate direction
Circle in air - turn around
Bob down on the spot - bend down to pick up flower
Hand up in air - drop flower into the hive

Ideally three per team, but can also use bigger teams with the girls swapping roles.
The winning team is the one with the most flowers in the beehive in the allocated time.

Note: a guide leader may want to be on hand to stop any bees colliding!


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