Building Blocks

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People’s beliefs, whether religious or non-religious, help them to form their understanding of the
common good and what it is to be a positive member of the community. When people don’t respect
the beliefs and values of others it is discrimination and this can lead to people feeling isolated and
afraid. This activity will help your Brownies think about what it means to respect others beliefs and
what it might feel like if their beliefs are knocked down by others.


Building blocks


1. Discuss with the Brownies that all people have the right to their own beliefs and values. Ask the Brownies to think about their personal beliefs and the positive things their beliefs teach them.
2. Place the blocks in the centre of the room.
3. One Brownie can pick up a brick, and saying something kind or positive about what her own beliefs or someone else’s have taught her, should place the brick on the ground. Brownies can then take it turns to pick up a brick and begin to build a wall of kind words based on their beliefs.
4. When each Brownie has said a kind word and their wall of kindness is complete, they should knock it down.
5. Ask the Brownies how it feels to have their beliefs knocked down. Talk to the Brownies about how when people don’t respect the beliefs of others it is hurtful.
6. Ask Brownies to think about how they can make sure that everyone’s beliefs are respected and what they can do to keep building the wall of kindness up.


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