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Sketches for a 'good citizen' and 'bad citizen' (from GGUK Website, Promise activities for Guides)




How can I serve my Queen and our Community?
The Queen may seem a million miles away from the children's lives, but they can all serve her in their communities by being a good citizen.

What to do
1. Give each Patrol a scenario and ask them to chat about the options the person in the scenario has.
2. Each group should act out to the rest of the unit two 30 second sketches showing two different ways the person could deal with the situation.
3. Once both sketches are acted out, ask the Children to vote for which they think is the action of a good citizen someone who is serving their Queen and community.

1. You're out in town and see a group of kids you know stealing chocolate from a shop.

2. You've just finished a packet of crisps and can't see a bin anywhere for the wrapper.

3. Your older sister is discussing an upcoming election and says she can't be bothered to vote.

4. You notice someone dropping a ten pound note from their wallet.

5. You notice someone has fallen over and hurt themselves.

Allow 10 minutes for the patrols to plan their sketches.


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