Cost of smoking

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Calculate the ten year cost of smoking and discuss what you would use the money for instead


Photocopy the worksheet so that there is enough for each person
Find out how much a pack of 20 cigarettes cost on average before the meeting - currently about £14.50


Ask who knows somebody who smokes. Family? School fiends?
Ask why they think someone smokes?
Ask if they think there are any positives?
Negatives? Cost, smell, health issues- expand on health issues?

Hand out the worksheets in groups and let the young people know the cost of a pack of cigarettes
Allow the groups to complete the worksheet

Ask them to fill in the boxes and calculate what a person smoking 20 cigarettes a day would spend in just 10 years.

Ask them to think about what £52,780 could buy today. Show examples of the cars, iPad, shoes, crisps


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