Paracord Survival Bracelet

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A long length of cord woven into a bracelet which is readily available for emergencies. Easy to make once you get started. Detailed instructions thanks to


Approx 10ft/3m Paracord (ideally but try different cords/string/rope)
Tape measure/Ruler
Lighter/Flame (to seal ends of certain ropes)
Side release buckle (optional)


Instructions are clearly marked in the attached PDF document. Below are just suggestions

You can adapt the design not to use a buckle. Step 3 and 4 can be adapted to tie a knot to leave loops which can later be used for tying together to form a bracelet

This link gives instructions for a version without a buckle:

It is good to have a follow up activity (i.e. shelter/bivvi building) to show how practical these bracelets can be

Optional: It is a good chance to teach Scouts about measurements without a ruler. If they know their height they can measure rope using their arm span (e.g. a scout is 1.5m tall and wants 3m of rope they learn that 3m is 2x their arm span and can approximately measure the rope accordingly)


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