Chocolate fridge cake

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Chocolate fridge cake - no need to bake, just melt chocolate


• 250g digestive biscuits
• 200g milk chocolate
• 100g dark chocolate
• 100g unsalted butter
• 2 tbsp golden syrup
• 100g glace cherries, halved
• 75g raisins
• Clingfilm
• 20cm square tin
• Rolling pin
• Large ziploc-type bag
• Wooden spoon
and some to melt chocolate. e.g. in microwave or on a stove-top in a pan of water


What to do
1. Use cling film to line a 20cm shallow, square-shaped tin. Leave extra cling film hanging over the sides.
2. Bash the biscuits into pieces using a rolling pin. (Put them in a plastic bag first so they don't go everywhere!)
3. Melt chocolate, butter and golden syrup in a heatproof bowl set over a pan of simmering water. Stir occasionally. Or in a microwave.
4. Remove the bowl from the heat and stir in the broken biscuits, halved glace cherries and raisins.
5. Spoon the mixture into the tin. Level the surface by pressing it down with a potato masher or back of a wooden spoon
6. Leave to cool, then put the chocolate mixture in the fridge for 1-2 hours to set.
7. Turn out the cake and peel off the cling film. Cut the cake into 12 squares and enjoy!


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