Healthy Eating

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Eat yourself healthy (from Guiding magazine)


Colouring pens
Blu-tack or sellotape
Magazines with pictures of food


1. Hang up 3 pieces of paper and label them "Unhealthy", "Medium" and "Healthy"
2. The girls should find pictures of or draw pictures of the food they most enjoy eating
3. They should decide whether their chosen food is healthy, unhealthy or somewhere in the middle, and hang it on the corresponding piece of paper on the wall
4. The girls should think about whether their chosen foods were mainly healthy or unhealthy
5. Discuss if everyone agrees with where the pictures were put and discuss what the girls understand with "healthy eating"
(Remember too thin is also not healthy!)
6. Have a look at the food on the healthy paper and see if there are foods there that the are new to some girls that they'd like to try


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