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Rainbows make and use a wind vane to report on the weather


Polystyrene cups (one per Rainbow), Sharp pencils with erasers on the end (one per Rainbow), Square of thick card (one per Rainbow), Modelling clay or Blu-Tac, Thin card, Scissors, Thick drinking straw (one per Rainbow), dressmaking pins (one per Rainbow), Pens, Compass


(1) Take a polystyrene cup, turn it upside down and carefully push the point of a pencil through the centre of the bottom of the cup so that approximately 10cm of pencil is poking out. Secure the pencil with modelling clay/blu-tac if necessary.
(2) Using some more modelling clay/blu-tac, fix the upside-down cup to a square base of thick card. In each corner of the square write N,E,S,W.
(3)Draw a triangle with sides of about 9cm on thin card. Draw a smaller triangle inside the larger one. Cut both out.
(4) Make a small horizontal cut at each end of a thick drinking straw and insert a triangle in each slit as shown, both pointing the same way. This will form the weather vane pointer.
(5) Carefully push a dressmaking pin through the middle of the straw and then into the eraser. Make sure that the pointer can rotate freely.
(6) Take the weather vane outside and place it on a flat surface with the corner of the base marked 'N' facing North (use a compass). You can secure the weather vane in place using rocks.


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