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A run around game to encourage Brownies to work out whether a situation is an emergency and if dialling 999 is the right action.




Name one end of the room 999 and the other No, no no. Read out the situations and the girls should run to the end of the room they think is correct.
*Becky smells smoke and sees smoke in the kitchen.
*Megan has a bit of a sore throat and headache.
*Bethany looses the remote control for the telly.
*Fatima finds someone who is unconscious.
*Danielle falls in the playground and grazes her knee.
*Jennifer sees someone on the beach who looks like she is trapped on a rock by the incoming tide.
*Rachel wants to know what the weather will be like tomorrow.
*Kadisha can't remember how to make hot chocolate.
*Ruth sees 2 cars crash outside her house.
*Daisy sees someone breaking into her neighbours house.
*Emma's dog hasn't come home for it's tea.


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