PLs & APLs chose patrol members

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Newly appointed PLs and APLs get to choose who is in their patrol


Names and age of all YP to be printed, then cut into strips


1. The PLs and APLs are taken aside where they will not be overheard. (Ideally a separate room - the rest of the troop will need something to do!)
2. The list of names should be pre printed in age descending sequence. Then split into strips retaining their sequence.
3. Explain the selection rules below
4. Each PL works in a pair with own their APL and places their own name strips in front of them.
5. The pairs now take turns to select one name from the oldest left in the unselected list.
6. Review the chosen patrols against the rules.
7. PLs may optionally chose a new name for their patrol (see examples below)
8. PLs and APLs return to troop
9. Scout leader gets everyone's attention, putting PLs and APLs in position, remaining Scouts are in a group.
10. PLs take it in turns to read the oldest name they've chosen.
11. The named Scout comes forward and stands in line next to their PL.
12. The process is repeated until all scouts have been reassigned to new patrols.
13. The PL inspects their patrol members and removes any patrol badges that do not match their own. (This is done by unpicking stitches.)
14. New patrol badges are issued to match the PLs badges (recycle those removed from the previous step or you could even commission new ones!)

Some rules:
• No siblings should be in the same patrol
• Each gender should be represented in the patrol (i.e. no "Boys" patrol or "Girls" patrol)
• Ages must be evenly mixed
• Scout Leader has right of veto (used to prevent unwanted conflicts)

Patrol Name Examples:
• Traditional: Wolf, Bear, Hawk, Eagle, Owl, Lion
• Famous Explorers: Cook, Drake, Livingston, Raleigh, Scott, Fiennes
• Famous Britains: Churchill, Brunel, Darwin, Nightingale, Newton
• Olympians: Redgrave, Ainslie, Hoy, Pendleton, Trott, Adlington
• Spacecraft: Apollo, Voyager, Discovery, Challenger, Soyuz



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