Game: The Lava Pit

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A Team Building/Communication Exercise


About 20 paper plates


1. Make up a story that the Cubs/Scouts/Guides are being chased. They need to escape across a field of hot lava.

2. Divide the young people into teams.

3. Give each team paper plates explaining that when they step on these plates they will not sink into the lava.

4. Each team receives a third of the number of plates as there are players (i.e., twelve player team gets four plates).

5. The group must figure out how to get the entire group from point A to point B (marked on the floor with tape), from one side of the hot lava pit to the other.

Only one person can be on a plate at a time, and the plates may be picked up and moved.

The key to the game is that only one person will need to work their way back across the field to help the rest cross.

A time limit can be placed on this game to make it interesting.


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