Game: Compass Jump

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This game will reinforce knowledge of compass directions.




• Play the game indoors or outdoors.

• How to Play
Select a leader and loosely form the rest of the Scouts in an open area facing the leader, so that everyone can see each other.
The four sides of a room may be identified as North, South, East and West, or, if playing outside, use some prominent outdoor features to represent these directions.
Whenever the leader calls out a compass direction, the players immediately must jump so they are facing the direction called.
Start with the four main points of the compass. When the Scouts are proficient, move up to 8 and even the 16 compass points—16 is a real challenge!
Players can be eliminated if they jump in the wrong direction.

Start the game by allowing them to correct themselves if they make an incorrect jump. Of course, they must identify what direction they jumped to before continuing


  • compass bearings indoor
  • compass points
  • Navigator
  • Navigator - compass points

Badge Links

  • Navigator - 4 compass points
  • Navigator - Compasses