Map Symbol Twister

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A simple game based on the party game 'Twister' but using map symbols instead of coloured blobs. This game is useful as a refresher of delivered information or as an introduction to test knowledge, depending on those involved. This has been taken from POL


Ordnance Survey map symbol flashcards
Clear sticky tape


- Download the Ordnance Survey Map Symbol Flashcards from
- Choose 16 symbols you would like your Cub Scouts to learn. Make a list, and then make photocopies of the symbols, enlarging them if you so wish so that one symbol fits an A4 page
- Make as many 4x4 grids of symbols as you have teams, sticking the symbols to the floor with tape (the grids don't have to be the same, but it does not matter if they are)
- Position the grids around the meeting place
- Split the section into the desired number of equal teams. Teams of four / five are ideal
- Number the players in each team
- Call out the instructions as you would in an ordinary game of Twister, except use names of symbols instead of colours (e.g. Number Two - Right Foot Railway Station!)


  • Map reading , Os map symbols
  • OS key or legend
  • OS symbols
  • twister

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