Land on the target

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A funny game of luck and chance. Taken from POL


Balloons - 1 for each young person + 1 spare - same colour balloons for each team
Rope to form a line and a target


Can play as individuals if the young people put their names on the balloons. Alternatively working in teams can also be good.

- Put a rope down for the young people to stand behind and launch their balloons.

- Make a circle or square target with the other rope.

- Put a leader at the launch rope to count down the launch.

- Put another leader by the target to count the number of balloons landing in the target.

- Young people to blow up a balloon and hold the end (but don't knot it), then release the balloon and try and get it to land in the target.

- Team with most balloons landing in the target wins.

- Give young people multiple balloons so they have to blow up and launch 3-6 balloons in a set time period.

- Use paper aeroplanes designed and made by the young people prior to the game (as another creative activity) to land in the target, can also see which plan goes the furthest and / or highest as additional variations.


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