Operation Shelterbox - Part 1: Aid Response

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About this activity:
This is part 1 of Operation ShelterBox - a 5 part activity (it can be run as a standalone activity if you wish). Those taking part will put themselves in the shoes of a ShelterBox Operations team. They will learn about the organisations disaster relief work while exploring a specific disaster scenario. They will be asked to assess various sources of information to help them make a decision about whether ShelterBox should respond and send aid to this specific disaster.


(see attached zip folder)
About ShelterBox
Top and tail cards
Top and tail – correct answers
Pakistan earthquake – key points
Email from a Scout leader (Pakistan earthquake)
Newspaper report (Pakistan earthquake)
Another agency report (Pakistan earthquake)
Eyewitness accounts (Pakistan earthquake)
Disaster pictures (Pakistan earthquake)

Print and familiarise yourself with each resource. Cut up the correct number of top and tail cards for your Scout or Explorer Scout group.


Step 1
Use the About ShelterBox resource to tell the Scouts about who ShelterBox are and what we do. Hand out a ‘fact’ or a ‘static’ from the Top and Tail cards resource to each Scout and give them them 3 minutes to move around the room and find their correct partner (the static that goes with the fact or vice versa).
Step 2
Once they have identified who they think their partner is encourage pairs to read out their answers. Use the Top and tail card – correct answers resource to check these answers and encourage them to find their correct partner if they were wrong. This activity gives you a chance to get some key facts about ShelterBox across.
Step 3
Create 5 different stations and split the Scouts into 5 teams, tell each team to go to 1 of the stations. Then read them all the Pakistan Earthquake – key points resource.
Step 4
Inform them all that ShelterBox has received information about this disaster from 5 different sources. As they are all acting as the ShelterBox operations team, they need to assess these pieces of information carefully before making an informed decision about whether aid should be sent to Pakistan or not. Hand out the pieces of information, 1 for each station (Email from a Scout leader, Newspaper report, News from another agency, Eyewitness accounts, or the Disaster pictures Pakistan earthquake resource).
Give each team 3 minutes to study their piece of information before rotating them. Do this until each team has visited every station.
Step 5
Give the teams a couple of minutes to discuss whether they think they should send aid to this disaster or not. Then hold a vote to see what the result is.


  • disaster relief
  • global
  • Global Challenge
  • shelterbox
  • teamwork

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