Operation Shelterbox - Part 2: Boxing Clever

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About this activity
This is part 2 of the 5 part Operation ShelterBox activity (it can be run as a stand alone activity if you wish). Scouts will explore the life saving contents of a ShelterBox, and discover how they can vary depending on the type of disaster and where in the world they are being deployed.


(see attached zip folder)
Resources needed:
About the earthquake in Pakistan
Previous box pack contents
Time for school
School box contents

Print and familiarise yourself with each resource.


Step 1
Read the About the earthquake in Pakistan resource.
Step 2
Divide the Scout group into 5 teams (or however many seems appropriate). Working in their teams, they have 10 minutes to discuss and create a list of items for the next box pack to Pakistan. Remind them they need to work quickly as it’s a race against time.
Also remind them they need to consider the conditions carefully; people are struggling to survive without shelter in very low temperatures at high altitudes, on difficult terrain and experiencing regular aftershocks.
Step 3
Once each group has made their list, show them the Previous box pack resource. Tell them it’s a list of the contents from a previous pack and they now have 5 minutes to review their own lists in line with this one. Once they have had 5 minutes to do this, appoint a spokesperson from each group to present in a ‘dragon’s den’ style, what they decided to pack and why.
Step 4
Staying in their teams, read the Time for school resource to everyone and show each team the School box contents resource. They now need to think of something new to put in the schools box that; 1. helps teachers teach, 2. makes learning exciting 3. makes children smile.
Step 5
Once each group has decided on their item, get them to present to the other groups, ‘Dragons Den style’, what they have chosen and why. After the presentations, get everyone to vote on the item they think should be chosen to put into the school box. Scouts can only vote once and cannot vote for their own item.


  • disaster relief
  • global
  • Global Challenge
  • shelterbox
  • teamwork

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