Operation Shelterbox - Part 3: Getting Ready

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About this activity
This is part 3 of the Operation ShelterBox (it can be run as a standalone activity if you wish). It is very interactive and lots of fun as Scouts prepare to send their ShelterBoxes to Pakistan. If you are planning on using this activity it is advisable to read through each of the resources carefully to get a clear sense of how it should run. There’s a real sense of team work as each competes to see who gets ready to go on deployment the fastest.


(see attached zip folder)
Resources needed:
Getting ready to go
Post office paperwork
Embassy paperwork
Bank paperwork
Travel agent paperwork
Chemist paperwork
ShelterBox credits
Customs check list

Print and familiarise yourself with each resource. Set up 6 stations around the Scout Hall and put one of the Stations resources on each table. Try and secure the assistance of other section leaders or parents to cover each station.
With the exception of the Getting ready to go, Stations and the Customs check list resources, the resources will need to be printed out more than once – one of each for every team. These will need to be placed on their corresponding stations. Cut out the ‘foreign currency’ and ‘traveler’s cheques’ from the Travel agent paperwork resource.


Step 1
Read the Getting ready to go resource and divide the group into 5 teams. If there are not enough parents or other section leaders to help with the stations, get 5 Scouts to cover them instead. It is advisable that whoever is leading the task is on the ‘customs’ station.
Step 2
Explain to your Scouts they need to have each bit of documentation ready and in the right order before they can go through customs and on deployment. Tell them it’s a race against time and they have 25 minutes to get ready for departure. Only one member of the team can get up at one time.
5 stations are:
1. Chemist
2. Bank
3. Post office
4. Travel agent
5. Embassy
Customs at the end
Step 3
The Scouts should now be trying to figure out the correct order with one person visiting each station. The correct order should be.
Bank - to get their ShelterBox credits to purchase following items. Then on to the following stations
Chemist - vaccines and toiletries
Post Office - passport application and stationery
Bank - to get travelers cheques and foreign currency – both these items need to be picked up on two separate visits.
Travel agent - to buy train ticket
Embassy - to obtain visa and passport (this can only happen once the passport application form has been filled out, a vaccine certificate has been obtained and travelers cheques have been purchased)
Travel agent - to collect their boarding pass.
Customs - It is advisable that whoever is the person in charge of running the activity, covers customs. When Scouts come to him/ her stating they are ready to travel, using the Customs check list resource, check that they have every item.
The first team to reach customs with every item wins!


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