Operation Shelterbox - Part 5: The Last Tent

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About this activity
This is part 5 of the 5 part Operation ShelterBox activity (it can be run as a standalone activity if you wish). It encourages Scouts to debate a challenging situation and make a potentially very difficult decision. This is a mock-up of the kind of situation a ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) volunteer could find themselves in – having to make decisions and judgements in the field that are often extremely tough. Scouts will look at 5 applications for the last ShelterBox that day before more arrive the following morning. They must work in teams to assess the information and prepare a case for their group of applicants, outlining why they think they should be the one to receive it.


Resources needed:
About ShelterBox and the last tent
Applicant 1
Applicant 2
Applicant 3
Applicant 4
Applicant 5

Print out and familiarise yourself with the resources. Only one of each resource is needed.


Step 1
Read the About ShelterBox and the last tent resource to everyone.
Step 2
Divide the section into 5 teams (possibly less depending on numbers. If this is the case, remove one of the Applicants resources). Give each team one of the Applicants resources to read and assess. Do not let any team see information on any applicants other than their own.
Step 3
Inform teams they have 10 minutes to create a case for their group of applicants outlining why they think they should receive the last ShelterBox.
Step 4
Give each team a couple of minutes to present their case to everyone. After they’ve done this, plan in a few minutes for other teams to cross examine and ask any questions. Repeat until every team has presented their case.
Step 5
Ask everyone to vote for the group of applicants they think should receive the last ShelterBox. Scouts are not allowed to vote for the applicant they represented.
Step 6
After the voting has been cast, congratulate them all and explain there was no real right or wrong answer to this task and that ShelterBox Response Team volunteers in the field often find themselves in these sorts of situations having to make difficult decisions, using their own judgement about the best course of action.


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  • teamwork

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