Build The Malverns

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An activity to build the Malvern Hills from cardboard by interpreting contours of an OS map and hence relating contour lines to physical landscape


Lots of cardboard - work out per group
2 print outs of a partition of the Malvern Hills per pair of people within the group
Scissors per person
Pritstick or other glue per pair
1 print out of the whole Malvern Hills partition


Separate the group into pairs.
Give each pair one of the partitions of the hills from the partitions file - 2 copies per pair (1 for cutting, 1 for looking at)
Make sure at least one pair has each partition of the hills so that all partitions are covered. It doesn't matter about duplicates, you could make more than one set of hills.

Each pair is given cardboard, 2 scissors, and a pritstick.
They are instructed to cut around the outer most purple contour with one sheet of paper, then trace around that on cardboard, then cut out that cardboard shape. Depending on thickness of cardboard and amount of cardboard available, cut out some more duplicate cardboard shapes - aim for about 1 cm thickness of cardboard for the same shape.
Then cut around the next inner purple contour, removing strips of paper from around their sheet (note: many cases just on the sides not all the way around), then repeat the tracing on cardboard and cutting out, including duplicates.
Repeat until there is no more purple contours to cut out.
Stick each duplicate shape of cardboard together to form all the building blocks. Place the biggest block on the floor and, with help of other sheet of paper, locate the block that should fit on top of the bottom block and glue it in place on top. Repeat until all blocks are assembled and a hill is formed. Note that many will have a flat edge on two sides of their hill.

Once all pairs are done, the hills should sit together in a long line to form the malvern hills.


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