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Chopsticks are traditionally used across Asia as eating utensils. In Japan, Chop sticks are called hashi (箸), which also means bridge!
There are some chopsticks provided in the Japan in a Box or you should be able to easily get hold of some locally. Here is a game that can be played using them and to test your chopstick holding skills!




1. Split the Scouts into teams. In a relay race, each Scout has to run to the other end of the hall, pick up one spaghetti strand with the chopsticks and then run back to their team, put the spaghetti in a pile and pass the chopsticks to the next team member.
2. This can either be played for a certain number of minutes and whoever has the most when the time is up wins, or each team can be given a set amount of time and whoever finishes first wins.
Chopstick Ettiquette. Did you know?
Hold your chopsticks towards their far end, not in the middle or the front third.
When you are not using your chopsticks, or have finished eating, lay them down in front of you
Do not stick chopsticks into your food when you aren’t using them, especially not into rice. This is only done at funerals with rice that is put onto the altar.
Do not point with your chopsticks.
If you have already eaten with your chopsticks, use the opposite end when taking food from a shared plate


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