Ultimate Noughts and Crosses

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Energetic Noughts and Crosses Team Game


9 chairs for the 0s and Xs playing grid, an extra 4 chairs to use as bases around the outside.


You will need two teams of scouts, one team will be the noughts, one team will be the crosses. Each scout needs to be given a number within that team, e.g. 1,2,3,4,5....
Ideally you will need at least 5 players per team, but if not, just give a particular scout two numbers.

The leader shouts out a number. The scout on each team with that number then has to run around the 4 bases on the outside of the Os and Xs grid before they are allowed access to sit on a chair and represent a O or X. Both scouts sit in whichever chair they choose, obviously whoever gets there first has the slight advantage. (It is helpful if the scouts have planned their tactics of where to sit to maximise their chances of getting a line of Os or Xs if their number is chosen).

The leader then keeps shouting out other numbers until one team wins...

1) You can allow the scouts from each team to shout out where their team member should sit to help them get a line.
2) Rather than running around the outside, you could get the scouts to hop around, run backwards, crawl around etc...
3) Make a completely silent version of the game where no-one is allowed to speak (if they do, a player gets removed from the Os and Xs grid). This means the scouts really have to concentrate to make sure they get a line.


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