Run 100 Metres

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100 metre race

One of the 'Cub Year Of Adventure 2015' activities


Large six piece puzzle (can be bought from a local store), bucket, water, ball, skipping rope, paper, pen, timer.


1. Mark out lanes and the start and finish lines, making sure that it is 100 metres in length.
2. Divide the pack into teams and line them up in their lanes.
3. Start the race!
4. The team to complete the 100 metre race first will win.

Step it up!
1. At every 25 metres, set out the following- six piece puzzle, ball and a bucket of water and a skipping rope.
2. Start the race!
3. At the first 25 metres they have to assemble the six piece puzzle then run to the next 25 metres and try to get a ball into a bucket of water without the ball bouncing out. At the next 25 metres get them to skip ten times before they have to finish the last 25 metres sprint.


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