Push Ball

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Who would have thought rolling a large inflatable ball could be so much fun! This game will be sure to get your Cubs running about and having fun outside.

One of the 'Cub Year Of Adventure 2015' activities


A large inflatable ball, goal posts, whistles.


Many campsites offer pushball as an activity. Additional places to hire/borrow the ball could be local authorities youth sections, schools or commercial hire.

The aim is that two Cubs from opposing teams get inside the ball and the teams have to push the ball so that it goes into the opposing team’s goal.

This activity should be played for 30 minutes with a changeover of the “ball person” every five minutes.

1. Divide the pack into two teams.
2. Ask them to set up the area so that there are two goals.
3. Make sure that all Cubs are aware of the rules and the aim of the game.
4. Let the games begin!

Risk assessment and supervision are key to this activity, make sure you have a big enough space and set out the rules before you start the games.


  • Land Activities
  • Outdoor game
  • Year of Adventure

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