Sea life search on a beach

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What evidence of sea life can your Cubs spot at their local beach? This is a fun and wet activity.

One of the 'Cub Year Of Adventure 2015' activities


Buckets, spades disposable cameras.


1. Divide the pack into small teams, make sure that each team has the correct supervision.
2. Set them a task to recover as many sea creatures as possible along the shore of the beach.
3. The creatures must not be tampered with or hurt in any way and must be released back at the end of the day.
4. Ask the Cubs to take pictures of the creatures.
5. Please see POR chapter 9 in regards to water activities.

For your next meeting why not ask the teams to develop a picture board of their findings using the images captured.

If a beach is inaccessible then follow these instructions.
1. Set up buckets half full of water and roughly a third full of sand.
2. Place laminated sea creature cards in the buckets making sure that they are submerged under the sand, there should be enough sand so that it covers the pictures.
3. Split the pack into small teams and provide them all with the identification key cards and see how many creatures they can find and match to the key cards.

Warn Cubs about scrambling over slippery rocks.
Watch for tide changes to make sure you are not cut off by incoming sea.
Wash hands after the activity.
Take local advice about beach safety.


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