Tree Survey

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Local Tree Survey – Find out what type of tree it is, how tall it is and how old it is.

One of the 'Cub Year Of Adventure 2015' activities


Tape measure, pencil, paper, tree identification key.


Tree name
1. Divide the pack into pairs or three to look for clues that will help identify your tree; leaf shape, bark colour, fruit, nuts or cones, catkins, height or shape.
Use the Identification key below to work out the tree’s name.

Tree Height
2. In the same teams, have person A stand at the bottom of the tree. Person B with the pencil steps back holding the pencil at arm’s length until the Person A is the same height as the pencil in their hand.
Now the pencil = the height of Person A. Count how many pencils high the tree is. Measure the height of Person A in cms and multiply both numbers together to get the tree height.

Tree Age
3. Broadleaves - Using the tape measure, find the circumference of the tree in cms. If the tree is in woodland then divide the circumference by 1.5. If the tree is in the open, divide it by 2.5. Now check the age in the attached identification key
Conifers – Usually one set of branches grow per year on a conifer these are called whorls. By counting the sets of whorls, this calculates how many years old the tree is.


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