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Explore beneath the waters. An activity for Cubs to explore what it’s like being beneath the water.

One of the 'Cub Year Of Adventure 2015' activities


Mask, fins, snorkel, sea creature objects.


This activity will need to be pre-prepared.

To do this activity you will need an adult with an Adventurous activity permit leading this activity or an externally qualified instructor.

Snorkelling can be done at your local swimming pool or you can contact local Sea Scouts.
1. Fill the pool with various sea creature objects.
2. Make sure that all the Cubs know the pool rules and regulations.
3. Know how to fit the equipment and give the Cubs a safety briefing and demonstration.
4. Practise the breathing and swimming techniques.

See for more information

Don’t forget to follow the rules at and select snorkelling.


  • snorkelling
  • Water activities
  • Year of Adventure

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