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Keep that ball up

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This is a fun, wet and exhilarating canoeing activity that will keep you Cubs and Scouts entertained for ages.

One of the 'Cub Year Of Adventure 2015' activities


On Water: Canoes, whistle, buoyancy aids, soft large ball, paddles, helmets.

On Dry Land: Large inflatable beach ball.


On Water
This Activity should be done on the water.
1. Make sure that all safety procedures are adhered to.
2. Set up all the canoes so they are ready to go.
3. Divide the pack into teams of two.
4. Pair each team off.
5. Each team steps into their canoe.
6. Let each team know that they start off with 100 points each.
7. Every time the ball hits the water the losing team will lose 20 points.
8. They will now have 120 seconds to keep the ball in the air.

Aim of the game is to keep your 100 points. So don’t drop the ball!

Please see below the canoeing information on the website for more information before undertaking this activity:

Make sure you’ve got safety cover in place www.scouts.org.uk/a-z and select canoeing, go when it’s warm.
Always wear a buoyancy aid and helmet, Brief the Cubs before and debrief after the activity. Make it fun.
On returning home, Cubs should take a bath or shower after being in canal or river water, see: https://members.scouts.org.uk/factsheets/FS120629.pdf

On Dry Land
1. Arrange Scouts into teams of 4.
2. Let each team know that they start off with 100 points each.
3. The Scouts have to hit the ball between team members. They are not allowed to hold the ball. They have to keep the ball in the air for 120 seconds.
4. Every time the ball hits the ground the losing team will lose 10 points.


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