Backwoods Cooking for Survival Camp

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Bread (shop bought)
Fried eggs on coathanger + greaseproof paper frying pan.
Fried eggs on tinfoil frying pan
Grilled bacon


Nettle tea: gather small young nettle leaves and wash. Just cover with water, and then boil til the water goes green. Serve with sugar and lemon. The lemon (apparently) makes the colour go from green to pink - it's a litmus test!

Silver Turtles: Take a double piece of aluminum foil, put a hamburger pattie on it, a little bit of butter or margarine, and any or all of the following ingreadients which the scouts all make and cut up together: carrots, potatoes (thinly sliced so they will cook fast), onions, and anything else you can think of. The boys all cut up the vegatables and we line everything up on foil and they go down the line and put anything on that they want. When they are done, the foils are wrapped and sealed and then placed on the fire. The boys need to watch just where theirs was placed. The fire should not be a high flaming fire, but more like coals - in fact bar-b-que coals work nicely too. Within 10-15 minutes, you can start pulling them off the fire (don't forget something to pull them off with) and the scouts can eat it right out of the foil.

Roast Chicken: Heat up stones in the fire, then pour into the centre of the chicken. Hang the chicken over the fire using a strong rope/chain. Attach a "dimble" (i.e. flat piece of wood) to the rope to catch the wind, which'll make the chicken swing around a bit. Re-hang the chicken upside down half way through. Cook for an hour or so - but make sure it's fully cooked before eating.

Baked potatos, optionally with egg in middle.

Garlic Bread: Get your loaf slice thickly, butter with garlic butter thickly, wrap in foil, place on the ash to heat through.

Baked Apples: Core the apple, fillings can be added, marshmallow, sugar, fruit, cherries, smarties, syrup to name a few. Seal in foil place on the ash for about 10 -15 minutes

Peachy Yums:
Canned peach halves
Large marshmallows
Place a well drained peach half, cut side up, on a piece of foil large enough to wrap it. Put one large marshmallow in the peach and sprinkle with a little cinnamon. Wrap the peachy yum. Warm in a box oven/biscuit tin until the marshmallow is melty, 5-10 minutes.



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