Make a Kite

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Make a kite is a fun and easy craft activity, perfect for a weekly meeting.

One of the 'Cub Year Of Adventure 2015' activities


Clear sticky tape, white paper, felt tip pens, ruler, scissors, string, bin liner, dry cleaning bag, dowel rods.


Divide the pack into small teams.

Ask them to follow the instructions and diagrams attached.
1. Cut and open out the plastic dustbin liner to the shape in the picture (see attachment).
2. Cut the garden canes to fit down the edges of the kite and tape them into position.
3. Carefully cut the two air holes.
4. Add plenty of sticky tape over the corners of the wings to strengthen them and pierce a small hole in each one.
5. Cut a length of string one and a half times the width of the kite, tie a small loop in the middle of the string and attach each end to the two small holes you made in the wings.
6. Attach the ball of string to the loop.
7. Try flying the kite!


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