Indoor Climbing

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Climbing will test even the most daring of people. How confident are the Cubs and how high can they climb?

One of the 'Cub Year Of Adventure 2015' activities


climbing harnesses, helmets, belaying, equipment.


1. Provide the pack with a safety briefing and instructions before they begin.
2. Show the Cubs how to put on the climbing harness and to adjust the helmet. (You may need to assist them).
3. Now they can begin climbing!

Step it up!
When the Cubs have got the hang of it, introduce various games such as elimination! Whereby the Cubs need to climb to the top but certain holds are eliminated so they cannot hold onto them.

Tips: What did they think they did well? What did they learn? What was the hardest bit and why?
If you do not have a permit then why not see if someone within your district or county has one? If not why don’t you try this activity at one of your local or national activity centres.

Follow the rules at
Novices usually wear helmets as they can be a little unsteady.


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