Making New Friends

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A fun way to use technology to communicate with fellow scouters!

One of the 'Cub Year Of Adventure 2015' activities


Pen, paper, table, various communication technologies.


October is the month for JOTI and JOTA jamboree on the air and Jamboree on the internet. This is a great activity to help you and the Cubs to get involved.,52,208,260

1. Divide the pack into teams.
2. On a table lay out a selection of countries printed on paper.
3. One by one in their sixes they have to decide on which country they would like to contact fellow aged scouts.
4. Once chosen, back in their teams they have to decide which method of communication they would like to use.
5. Provide then with a selection of different methods available to them i.e. email, Skype, phone, radio (JOTA)
6. What would they say to Cubs in other countries? What questions would they ask?


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