Radio Wide Game

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This activity will have the Cubs out and about finding hidden treasures communicating over mobile phones or radios.

One of the 'Cub Year Of Adventure 2015' activities


Radio or a mobile phone.


First plan a treasure hunt activity within your local area. This could be identifying local points of interest or providing questions within a walking radius of your meeting place.
The leader in charge should be ‘central control’

1. Divide the pack into small teams, each team needs to work with an adult.
2. Provide each team with a method of communication and a call sign.
3. Advise the teams that they have to find x amount of landmarks within x amount of time.
4. Provide each team with the first clue.
5. Each team will have to radio/text/call to provide their answer to the central control.
6. Once the correct answer is given the next clue will be provided.
7. The first team that identifies all the landmarks correctly and makes it make to the base on time wins!

Tip: Every minutes late deduct 5 points


  • radio
  • Technology Activities
  • Treasure Hunt
  • wide game
  • Year of Adventure

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