Plastic Dinosaur Hunt

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An investigating activity that will give the Cubs a chance to gain hands on excavation experience, uncovering dinosaurs.

One of the 'Cub Year Of Adventure 2015' activities


Plaster of Paris, balloons, spoon, water, mini plastic dinosaurs.


1. Divide the pack into teams.
2. Ask them to create their dinosaur eggs by mixing the Plaster of Paris ingredients together and then setting their dinosaur inside the mixture.
3. Cut off the neck of the balloons and spoon the mixture into the balloons.
4. Tie the ends of the balloon with string or a rubber band and hang up to dry for 30 minutes.
5. Once the eggs are hard, release them from the balloon.
6. On a flat hard surface ask the Cubs to break open the eggs to reveal the dinosaurs?
7. What else have they noticed? They should see the imprint of the dinosaurs. They have made a fossil!


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