Knot Roundabout

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A learn and practice knot race game


Rope (thick and thin),
Knot books / instruction cards or Resource as attached,


- Set up six areas of the meeting place with chairs and knotting ropes

- Give each Cub a checklist, and explain that they have to learn as many
knots as they can in the allotted time

- Have a 'knot expert' at each base to teach the knot in the first instance,
and then to verify the correct tying of the knot (up to ten times) for the
second part of the task

- The better knotters, who finish before the time runs out, can either be
given more complicated knots to tie, or have a different activity to start as
you wait for the time to elapse


  • Knot Expert
  • Knot game
  • leadership
  • team building

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