Day menu of cooking with no utensils

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Recipes for cooking without utensils, tin foil etc. for a day (for scouts survival skills badge)




Bread twists - mix self raising flour, pinch of salt, and water together to a consistency that you can wrap around a stick. Hold over fire to cook. Get some strawberries and sugar and crush together to make some jam.
Eggs - see "Backwoods egg cooking" activity for lots of ideas. Simplest way is to prick a hole in the top of it, place on embers for 10 minutes, and dip the bread in from above.
Sausage On Stick - Peel the bark off a green stick and slide your sausage along it. if you want you can wrap a slice of streaky bacon round it and if you wish you can cook the sausage first then wrap the twist dough round it to create a sausage roll!
Loaf of bread for backup!


Corn on the Cob - Do not remove the sheaves, simply dip in a bucket of water then fling onto the ash, turn occasionally... eat with butter.

Roast rabbit - skinned then speared on a stick over fire.

Vegetable kebabs

Baked potatos - just chucked in the fire - can't eat the skin, but hey!

Cake mix in oranges to make cakes

Instant Hot dogs - Lay sliced onion on a cabbage leave add a sausage or two and place more onions on top. Wrap up the cabbage leaf tightly and secure with a number of small green sticks. Place in embers for about 7 - 10 mins turning occasionally.
Kebabs - burgers, chicken bits, vegetables can all be skewered and held over the fire to cook.

Marshmallows and crumpets on sticks (separately) for pudding


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