Patrol Daisy

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This activity is taken from the GoForIt Teamwork - Aim High.
The girls discuss what they would like to do or achieve in their Patrol.


Large sheet of paper
Pens / Colouring pencils


1. Draw a huge daisy with six petals on a large sheet of paper.

2. In the centre of the daisy, write down some of the great things that your Patrol has
done over the last term.

3. Now have a think about things you would like to do as a Patrol during the next
term. Write down one idea in each petal. For example, you could try the Guide
Challenge badge as a team, go on an overnight camp, or maybe take on the
Commonwealth Award.

4. Come up with two things that you can do as a team to help you achieve each goal.
For example, if your team wants to take on the Guide Challenge badge, your first step
might be to speak to your Leader about what is involved, then as a team you might
arrange a time to meet and go through the clauses necessary for achieving the

5. Write these steps down beside the relevant goal.

6. Stick your daisy up where you can all see it


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