Daruma Doll

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Daruma Dolls represent a Buddhist monk named Bodhidharma. Bodhidharam is an important figure in Japan and he is also represented in a number of traditional paintings. Daruma dolls are meant to bring good luck to their owners and are traditionally coloured red. They are weighted at the bottom so the always return to upright when tilted, this symbolises the ability to over come adversity or recover from misfortune. The dolls have no eyes when they are given, the owner colours in the first eye and set’s themselves a personal goal or challenge. Once the challenge is complete the second eye can be coloured in.


Daruma Doll Template, glue, paint or colouring pens/Pencils


Print or copy the template (coloured version or the colour your self versions) , also available to print from Programmes online
2) Cut out the template
3) Colour in Dolls body and face but not the eyes of the doll
4) Fold the tabs
5) Stick tab A to the bottom of the doll
6) StickTabBtotabC
7) Stick Tab D to Tab E and the doll is complete
8) Remember not to colour both eyes in until you have completed your goal


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