The eyebrow game

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A fun game that demonstrates the importance of trust with the pack


Chairs, one for every cub except one


Two rows of chairs (as equal as possible) facing each other approx 10 feet apart. Everybody sits apart from the cub who is "on". There is no verbal communication allowed. If two cubs (on opposite sides) choose to change seats they agree this by wiggling their eyebrows. The aim of the game is to get to the vacated seat opposite before the cub without a seat gets to it. Whomever remains standing is "on". Cubs cannot return to their own vacated seat. The idea is that the cubs must trust each other to move if they're going to keep their seat. Best played in a thin room with chairs against the wall as there's a danger of them going over backwards in the heat of the moment. If you don't have walls, I use a leader behind each row as a precaution.



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