Simple Catapult Structure

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How to build a simple catapult with dowells or bamboo sticks.


Rubber Bands or Rope
Bamboo Sticks or Dowells
Large Bottle Lid for Holder


Build a square base with four stick
On two opposite sides add two more sticks to make two A frames
At the top of the A frame put a stick to join the two sides
Take a longer stick (or two short ones fixed together) and fix one end to the middle of one side of the square base -
(this should be vertical to the square base - this is your launching arm)
On the opposite side, a quarter way from the top place a stick horizontally between the two A frames.

To build the momentum to propel the launching arm, affix either an elastic cord or strong elastic as shown in the picture

Once built, use a variety of different small objects to launch.
Build targets to launch at or castles out of cardboard


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