It's a Wrap

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From GoForIt Teamwork
Try to wrap a present and write a tag as a patrol - with a difference!


Old wrapping paper
Small card or tag
"Present" to wrap


1. Divide your Patrol in two and give one half a blindfold each. The other half is banned from using the hand they write with for the rest of this activity.

2. Your mission as a Patrol is to wrap up the present, making sure everyone is included. Don't forget to write the gift tag!

3. Swap roles so that everyone has a turn being blindfolded. Why not try the activity in smaller teams as a race?

Team talk
How well did you work as a team? Were you able to give clear instructions that your team members could follow? Did everyone listen to each other's instructions?
Ask the team to identify what they could do differently, and what worked/didn't work. Being able to tell your teammates what you need from them clearly and confidently is a useful skill - if you or your team are confused it is difficult to achieve your goal.


  • team building

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