Mothers Day/Thank You Cafe

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Children set up a cafe at the scout hut to serve their mum/carer with a cup of tea


Ingredients for cup cakes, tea, coffee, milk etc, Paper plates, a rose for each parent, card to make a tag for the rose


Work in Lodges or sixes, each child needs to make cup cake or decorate a ready made cup cake, make and write a label for the rose, decorate their plate.
Set up tables with some table clothes and present the cakes on a cake stand or just on the paper plates, with the Childs rose.
Ask the mums to come 15mins early to enjoy their cake and cup of tea.
Supervision is needed with Beavers and Cubs pouring the tea and coffee, we usually have one to one with the Beavers walking with the hot drinks.
We have had mothers in tears with our Beaver cafe as it is usually the first time their child has made them a drink


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