Beaver / Friendship collage

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Create a Beaver / friendship collage


paper, pencils, scissors, glue, frieze paper, coloured letters to spell out words relating to Beavers / friendship


Each session being 15 minutes or time as required.

Session 1: Beavers draw and colour pictures of themselves
Session 2: Pictures are cut out and stuck onto frieze paper
Session 3: Beavers sit in a circle and brainstorm friendship and Beaver words. Leaders will have already cut letters out for some generic words i.e. fun, beavers and friends. The beavers can then go on a word hunt, finding the letters. As they find the letters they can be mounted onto the collage to form the words.

Any additional words that the beavers have come up with during the brainstorm session can be used for additional word hunts; perhaps as a start of the night activity.
Any new beavers to the group can make and cut out their picture at home as a task to complete for investiture. On the night of being invested they can add their picture to the collage.


  • collage
  • friendship
  • team work

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